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Terry's Women (official trailer)
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long story short

After being abandoned by his mother at a young age, Terry starts gradually growing into a wounded copy of her. She left the family to become an actress - he starts going to auditions while taking timid steps in the transgender community.


In the meanwhile, Terry meets Sarah, casting office receptionist. Idealistic Sarah falls in love

with Terry without knowing anything about his childhood drama or his ongoing transition.


Terry finds himself between two fires: loving yet oblivious Sarah and the transgender support group who encourages Terry to start living as a woman.


Terry allows Sarah to see him in a dress - heartbroken yet devoted, she manages to find a female

role audition for Terry. He takes the chance and appears in the casting office for the first time

as a woman - to find out his mother attends the same audition. An awkward introduction

makes them recognize each other.


Now Terry faces a difficult choice: to forgive his mother and stay her son or  replace her

with his own version of a woman he used to adore.







Just like its characters, "Terry's women" underwent a life-changing transition. It started as a gesture of sincere admiration for transgender people - the modern heroes of Greek myths, who were tragically destined to be born in wrong bodies and fight for the right to become their true selves. 
The more research was done on the topic, the more the story transformed from a straight person's abstract and ignorant perception of transgender people to something way less superficial and way more personal - a story about forgiveness. 
For this reason, "Terry's women" is not a film about transgender people - although the crew was honored to have several transgender performers in the film. This story draws a strict line of distinction between transgender people and the psychologically wounded protagonist. Being a transgender should never be compared to a psychological trauma - it is an indisputable right and a natural necessity. For Terry, cross-dressing is a way to patch his personal void and feel closer to his absent mother. This story is about someone so lost he had to pretend someone he wasn't. 
"Terry's Women" is a story about forgiving our loved ones no matter how badly they scar us. It is about embracing your pain and having the courage to face it while staying yourself.  After all, this film is about love - wounded and complicated, yet giving us the ability to accept and forgive.

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